Oyo State College of Nursing and Midwifery has an outstanding reputation of excellence in education and positive student experience. This is because we focus on delivering best student support.

At OYSCONME, we offered safe and secure accommodations with close proximity to classrooms. We have over 200 rooms in about 7 halls of residences within the College premises for both freshers and stallites.

All the rooms are well equipped with adequate ventilations to make students stay within the college a memorable one.

The students have a Student Union Government which is saddled with responsibilities of welfarism. They choose their leadership through democratic means. Student Union activities range from organizing Nurses Weeks, Fresher orientations programme and press clubs.

There are relaxations spots such as cafeteria and talk shops where students get refreshed with a token. The guidance and counseling unit is there to help the students sort out there psychological needs and the doors is always open for talk on issues that is bothering the students minds.

Religious activities within the College are at the highest as both the Christians and Muslims observe their religious beliefs without hindrances.

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Hmmm…… Life in the College of “recent” has been great.

Flash back to when I got admitted into the College; it was a war between me and the environment, my adaptative ability was put to use ensuring a state of homeostasis.

The College has been a place where future leaders are groomed both physically, mentally, socially and even spiritually. The College administrators have put to god use their governing ability, ensuring that all students enjoy an atmosphere conducive for learning. The academic activities on the campus has been top notched and fun filled though we have lecturers who are strict but also they are all competent ensuring that all students enjoy their teaching.

The college I joined has participated in several literary and debating competitions and has always been a champion. In the field of sport, the College has experience upturn in its fortune with the anticipation of NISONMG which bring together all nursing schools in the South-West together. The College has participated in several activities where lots of laurels were won.

Let’s keep the flag flying until the peak is achieved…….

STN Ayinde Victor

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